In November of 2018, we began supporting Dr. Lester Tapia’s organization, Orprovet, with their large-scale working horse veterinarian clinics in Nicaragua. At these clinics, Orprovet provides veterinarian care including hoof care, dental treatments, wound cleaning, vitamins, and dewormers to working horses free of charge to their families. All throughout Nicaragua, horses are a source of income; they are used to pull both construction materials and, in rural communities, the harvest of agricultural production. Nicaraguan families struggle to afford basic veterinarian care for their horses who work 365 days a year. Because healthy working horses are essential to the economy of Nicaragua, Global Strays supports Dr. Tapia’s work, which not only improves the quality of life for the horses, but also improves the lives of the owners and their families. Since November, we have funded two of Dr. Tapia’s clinics that treat approximately 400 animals in each clinic over the course of several days.