Rescatando Huellas Nicaragua is an organization that aims to protect and care for the most helpless animals. Our works tries to diminish the problem of abandoned and mistreated animals. That is why we focus on the following:

  • We rescue dogs and cats from the streets of Nicaragua, we rehabilite them and afterwards we find them loving and responsible homes.
  • Part of our awareness raising mission consists of low cost spay and neutering campaigns in different regions of the country and spreading the advantages of this procedure for our pets.
  • We hold educational discussions with kids, youth, and adults with the purpose of creating a culture of respect towards all living beings.
  • We promote the importance of volunteer work regardless of people’s age, creed, profession and religion.

Our work depends on volunteers, our communities and donations. This is where Global Strays comes in: supporting us with the economic resources to be able to cover some of the different necessities that present themselves in our rescue and rehabilitation center. Global Strays provides financial help so that we are able to buy food for more than 80 animals under our care and they send us help so that we can pay medical costs for animals that have suffered terrible abuse and mistreatment.

The support of Global Strays during these past years has been indispensable since, without their help, our work could not stay afloat and especially during these times where our country is going through a social, political, and economic crisis. Thank you so much Global Strays for helping us to provide hope to animals that have lost everything and to restore their lives in a positive way, giving back their health and dignity. Rescatando Huellas is grateful for all of Global Strays efforts and love that they dedicate to help the stray animals of our country.

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