Monthly Shelter Upkeep Program

Each month, we support our partner organizations with the monthly upkeep of their animal shelters and the animals they care for. Global Strays is dedicated to helping our partner organizations who tend to receive little to no in outside donations. We believe that our role is to not only to help our partner organizations with the basic necessities but also to help them become more self-sufficient. In 2019, 56.7% of our expenses went towards this program. On a monthly basis we support our partners with:

  • Dog, cat, & pig food for the animals at their shelters.
  • Monthly salaries for the animal caretakers at their shelters.
  • Construction and Supplies to Maintain Facilities: This includes for building comfortable areas for their rescued animals to sleep, renovations to update the basic foundations including materials needed to separate sick from healthy animals, cleaning supplies, electricity, and more.
  • Veterinarian Care: Ensuring all the animals at our partners shelters are vaccinated, healthy and spayed or neutered is a top priority.
  • Rent expenses for the land of their animal shelters.

Assisting our partner organizations with some of their monthly financial burdens allows them to focus on rescuing and finding loving and responsible homes for more rescue animals.

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about this program:

“In order to rehabilitate an animal, you must have financial and human resources to carry out a successful rehabilitation and to be able to fulfill our main purpose, which is adoption, a new opportunity for all these animals that have suffered neglect. Thanks to Global Strays we have managed to meet these goals each year, managing to place many dogs and cats in loving and responsible families. Global Strays has provided us with the financial resources to cover the medical expenses for some of these animals, sterilizations and vaccinations for the animals under our care, a salary for the caretaker at our shelter, dog and cat food and more.”

Mabia Espinoza, Rescatando Huellas Nicaragua

“Thanks to Global Strays, we have been able to offer a better quality of life for our rescued animals. We no longer suffer from a lack of resources, such as feeding the animals at our shelter and paying for veterinary costs. Global Strays also helps pay our expenses and monthly obligations, allowing us to do more, such as feed street animals and help more dogs in need. With this beautiful support we have managed to fulfill our objective which is: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Sterilize, and Adopt.”

Kathe Riviera, Fundación Pacto Animal

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