OrproVet is a non-profit veterinarian organization in Nicaragua founded by Dr. Lester Tapia. We work very hard in favor of animal protection, conservation and welfare throughout the country.


Our projects focus on the concept of One Health, as we believe that healthy animals will create a healthy population and environment. We focus on performing high-volume sterilization campaigns, free or at low cost to the owners of pets. We also provide free veterinary care for working animals such as horses, mules, and oxen and we provide veterinary assistance at low cost to all production species such as cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and we also provide free veterinary assistance for wildlife animals that are confiscated from illegal trade, hunting, or injured by humanity.

The educational component is fundamental in our organization in all our projects and we involve local veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine to learn with us so that in the future that can become better quality professionals.

Thanks to the generous support of Global Strays, the free veterinary assistance program for working equines is a reality. With Global Strays support, our team of veterinarians provide medical treatment to 400-500 working horses in one clinic free to charge to their owners. Additionally, some of the free sterilization clinics are supported by Global Strays. Global Strays also provides support for our outreach clinics in neighborhoods and very poor rural communities of Jinotepe and Granada.

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