Each month, we support our partner organizations with the monthly upkeep of the animals and the facilities at their shelters. The majority of our partner organizations receive little to no outside donations, so Global Strays helps with the fundamental necessities. Each of our partner organizations have different necessities, but we are there to support with what they need. On a monthly basis we support our partners with:

  • Dog, cat, & pig food for the animals at their shelters.
  • Monthly salaries for the animal caretakers at their shelters.
  • Construction and Supplies to Maintain Facilities: This includes for building comfortable areas for their rescued animals to sleep, renovations to update the basic foundations including materials needed to separate sick from healthy animals, cleaning supplies, electricity, and more.
  • Veterinarian Care: Ensuring all the animals at our partners shelters are vaccinated, healthy and spayed or neutered is a top priority.
  • Rent expenses for the land of their animal shelters.

Freeing our partner organizations of these monthly financial burdens allows them to focus on rescuing and finding responsible homes for more animals and do a better job helping pet owners in their communities.