Meet the Global Strays Staff



Elizabeth (Liz) became involved in animal rescue in her early twenties when she adopted her first dog: Rusty, a Shiba-Inu rescue who came from a kill shelter in Kentucky. This began her strong affinity for all animals, and she soon became a foster mom for pitbulls who were scheduled to be euthanized at New York City’s Animal Care & Control Centers. Years later, she began traveling outside of the United States and was shocked by the overpopulation crisis of stray animals and the suffering of working animals.

On her first trip to Nicaragua, Liz began seeking out local animal rescuers and veterinarians in an attempt to learn more about the stray and working animals that seemed to be everywhere she turned. Liz was immediately moved and inspired by their dedication and passion for animals despite not having the resources they needed for their work, largely due to a lack of funding. Global Strays emerged from her desire to help these rescuers, local veterinarians, economically disadvantaged pet owners, and their communities.

Elisa Quiroz

Facilitator, Nicaragua

Elisa is the President of ADAN Foundation and Program Facilitator for Global Strays in Nicaragua. Since she was a child she was given animals as gifts, but when she was eighteen-years-old, she started to rescue from the streets of Nicaragua. Her first rescue was a small kitten that was unable to walk. In her free time, she became involved in fighting against animal abuse. With the help from her mother, she made room for rescued animals at their home and has not stopped since then. Always having a full house to rehabilitate and look for adoptive homes for animals, she began meeting other people with the same passion. She founded the organization ADAN, achieving its legal status in 2014. Elisa is one of the coordinators of Global Strays Spay and Neuter & Veterinarian Care Program for vulnerable areas in Nicaragua. She also is in charge of regular inspections of Global Strays partners’ animal shelters and she helps with many other animal welfare projects for Global Strays.

Mabia Elisa Espinoza Sánchez

Facilitator, Global Strays Spay/Neuter & Veterinarian Care Program and COVID Pet Food Pantry Program

Mabia is a lover of all things nature and animals. When she was 22, she began rescuing stray animals who were struggling on the streets of Nicaragua. With a degree in economics, she used her business acumen to found Rescatanda Huellas, the largest animal shelter in Nicaragua, with her two sisters. She is proud to be a part of the Global Strays team helping to provide free spay/neuter and veterinarian care for the most needy and vulnerable animals in the surrounding communities.

Katherinne Rivera

Facilitator, Bogotá, Colombia

Katherinne Rivera, founder of Fundación Pacto Animal, began rescuing animals in 2013 in Fontibon, Colombia where she rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 500 cats. Kathe spent many years helping to feed and spay/neuter stray animals and she eventually rented a farm to be able to provide a shelter for homeless animals. In the beginning, it was a very difficult undertaking but the Foundation grew and became more well-known to the community. In 2017, a partnership began between Fundación Pacto Animal and Global Strays to work together to help save more stray dogs and cats in Colombia. As the Colombia Program Facilitator, Kathe coordinates Global Strays’s in-country programs to support rescue shelters, spay and neuter and provide veterinary care to animals in need. She identifies potential areas in desperate need of assistance such as Santandercito Cundinamarca Shelter, who also receives help from Global Strays with basic necessities. She looks forward to continuing to expand the program in Colombia.

Meet the Global Strays Interns

Juliet Schulman-Hall

Communications Intern 2019

Juliet has always had a deep connection and love for all animals. She grew up having at least five pets in her house at all times, most of which were rescue animals. Currently, Juliet has a dog named Gus who was rescued from the South. Juliet is a student at Smith College who formerly ran a club called Animal Advocates, which discusses and advocates for animal rights issues. Outside of college, Juliet has spent time working at a veterinarian hospital, an elephant sanctuary, working with zoologists, and dog walking. Juliet was inspired to become a part of the team at Global Strays because she has seen, while working or vacationing abroad, how severe the overpopulation crisis of stray animals is and is devoted to the cause.
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