Elizabeth (Liz) became involved in animal rescue in her early twenties when she adopted her first dog; a Shiba-Inu rescue who came from a kill-shelter in Kansas, Rusty. This began her strong affinity for all animals and she soon became a foster mom for pitbulls; who were scheduled to be euthanized at New York City’s Animal Care & Control Centers. Years later, she began traveling outside of the United States and witnessed the overpopulation crisis of suffering stray animals in many different countries. On a trip to Nicaragua in Central America, Liz began seeking out animal rescuers in an attempt to learn more about the stray animals that seemed to be everywhere she turned. Liz was immediately moved & inspired by the rescuers’ dedication and passion for animals despite not having the resources (largely due to the lack of donations) they needed for their work. Global Strays began out of this desire to try and help these rescuers so that they could do their work without financial burden.



Megan is the Co-Founder of Gal’s Best Friend, the site for the modern-day dog moms. Dallas girl turned NYC dog mom, she lives in the city that never sleeps with her 3 dogs. Megan is on the marketing team at Fi, the smart dog collar and a pet freelance editor for Bestproducts.com. Megan is so excited to be a part of the board of Global Strays because this is where her passion lies in helping dogs around the world and raising awareness on the importance of spay and neuter in developing countries.



Lindsay discovered her passion for animals when she rescued her first kitten at the age of 4 and nursed him back to health. Since then Lindsay has been a constant supporter of animal non-profit organizations including Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles, The ASPCA of New York City, and Austin’s Yorkie Haven Rescue program. Lindsay currently has a nearly 17-year-old Yorkie named Mia whom she rescued at 3 months of age.



It was at a young age Leyla developed a love and passion for animals. Having spent endless hours at the stable, she learned the meaning of responsibility and compassion. About four years ago, Leyla took in a rescue pit-bull named Frankie. Having grown such a deep love for him, Leyla felt obligated to better educate herself on the misunderstood breed. Through Frankie and her own research, Leyla has been able to change people’s perception of pit-bulls; her goal is to continue to create awareness on the breed.



Jean especially fell in love with animals when her oldest daughter decided to adopt Charlie, a chihuahua. Since then the family has owned several rescue dogs and cats. For many years Jean Shafiroff has served on the Honorary Board of the Southampton Animal Shelter and has chaired their gala for many years and, she was honored by them at their Annual Gala in 2017. For the past few years she has served as the Ambassador for the Southampton Animal Shelter and as an Ambassador for American Humane. Jean is an animal activist who believes that animals should be treated with dignity and respect
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