We are Fundación Pacto Animal, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and protection of domesticated animals. Our field of action focuses on the different situations of risk like those of abandonment, the mistreatment, and the exploitation of dogs and cats in the city of Bogotá.




Our foundation has an animal shelter which began to operate in January 2016 in the region of Sibate, Colombia where we have sheltered more than 500 dogs, which are all sterilized, rehabilitated, and held until they manage to get adopted.

At this moment we are located in San Nicolas, Soacha at a temporary home where we have 30 dogs and we are looking for a piece of land to rent. Additionally, we help support an animal shelter of 60 dogs that is not well-known by the public and with limited resources, Albergue de Santandersito.

Our foundation has been able to continue working thanks to all the support and assistance that Global Strays offers us since September of 2017 when we first met with them on their trip to Colombia. They have been supporting us with veterinarian expenses, medication, food, payment for the caretaker at our shelter, and the monthly rent expenses for where we house the animals.