Collares Rojos is a non-profit foundation, legally registered in the Dominican Republic, created to protect and save stray animals, victims of abuse and abandonment.


Part of our mission is to control the large overpopulation of street animals through mass sterilization and vaccination campaigns. Thanks to the recent animal protection law, we now have the legal support to achieve the protection of abused animals, and we have been able to submit several cases to the courts, and obtain convictions.

We have a shelter for dogs and cats that have been rescued from the streets in precarious conditions or seized from their owners. They go through a recovery process and expect to be adopted. To achieve our goals, we depend completely on the national and international donations we receive, and on the goodwill of our volunteers.

Thanks to the support of Global Strays, we are able to buy food for our sheltered animals, vaccines and medicine, and cover the costs of general medical care.

On top of that, and since adoption is hazardous in our country, we send various of our rescues to the United States, where they find lovely forever homes. Over the past years, Global Strays has provided us with great help, making our mission easier, and pushing us to go always further, knowing we can count on them! Thanks to donations and adoptions, we can always help more and more distressed animals in the Dominican Republic.

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