Our mission is to reduce the number of abandoned animals in Nicaragua. To meet our objective, we perform spay and neutering clinics at low cost, we help raise awareness, and we are constantly rescuing abandoned animals on the streets, which, after being rescued, spayed/neutered, and rehabilitated, we give out in adoption. We have a small shelter, veterinarian clinic and operating room to house the rescued animals.

Global Strays has helped us immensely, because, thanks to them, today we have an animal ambulance, that allows us to rescue stray animals, and, allows us to reach communities in other parts of the country to conduct veterinary-care days. Thanks to Global Strays, we have directly helped more than 800 rescued animals and more than 1,200 animals indirectly when have given veterinary consultations to families with limited resources in communities in Nicaragua. Thank you very much Global Strays for always having your support and, in this way, changing so many lives.

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