My name is Fresia and I am the President of the foundation Angeles Con Cuatro Patas located in Leon, Nicaragua. I’ve been helping street dogs for about four years. 


Several people donate to help me pay for the home where I live with twenty-five older dogs. I also have forty other dogs in foster homes that go through a process of rehabilitation before they are put up for adoption. My goals are to raise awareness and spay & neuter dogs and cats to stop the overpopulation of animals.

To be able to continue this work will only depend on donors since several have stopped donating due to the economic situation that Nicaragua is going through. I want to thank Global Strays for helping with dog and cat food each month, with cleaning supplies for my shelter, with internet, and, thanks to them, I also have caretaker who now helps me since I was once alone doing this work. Thank you God bless you.

Angeles Con Cuatro Patas Gallery