Albergue Santandercito-Cundinamarca was created due to the high rate of abandonment and indifference of the society and, in particular, in the region of San Antonio de Tequendama Cundinamarca.



My shelter is ten years old. However, my husband and myself have been working and helping the abandoned animals for twenty-five years. We have spayed and neutered in ten years by ourselves more than 300, both female cats and female dogs. We have rescued and helped more than 200 animals here in this indifferent region. We pay attention to the abandoned animals that are found in the streets, in the town, in the trails in other towns and we feed them daily. Everyday, we bring water and food to all of the animals that we encounter in the streets. Additionally, we rescue wounded, sick, and abandoned dogs that need our help.

My husband and I are the owners of the farm where we live. We give a permanent home to the dogs that we rescue. We don’t have adoption programs right now. Here in this region, we can’t give animals in adoption because the people that live in the region do not want the dogs. Here people don’t care well for their animals nor do they feed them.

With my husband, we make our best effort each day and now thanks to Global Strays we recently have a care-taker for the animals at our shelter. We are able to continue feeding each day the 60 dogs in our shelter and 30 more in the streets with the support of Global Strays. They also support us for veterinarian exams and medication for the animals at our shelter, and for spay and neutering our rescue dogs. We are very grateful for their support and collaboration.

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