Our Mission

Global Strays supports and empowers animal rescuers worldwide especially those rescuers with limited resources. We raise awareness on the topic of compassion as we strongly believe compassion is a driving force to bring about positive change. We are convinced that if a person learns to be compassionate towards one being, then that person will learn to be compassionate towards all.

From donations that we receive, we support our partner organizations who rescue and raise awareness on the plights of dogs, cats, horses and other species that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We distribute grants to our partner organizations for large-scale spay and neutering programs to help control the over-population of stray animals, clinics providing free veterinarian care in rural communities for families with pets, educational initiatives that help teach children and families responsible pet ownership, vaccination programs for rescued animals, monthly food for animal shelters, construction and maintenance of these animal shelters, salaries for shelter caretakers, and more.

Our latest initiative, The Compassion Mission, serves as a platform for people to share stories from around the world demonstrating acts of compassion towards all beings. We believe that these real life examples will inspire and instill values of compassion that we hope will reverberate for generations to come, because as we know, today’s youth will become tomorrow’s adults.

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Meet the Founders

Elizabeth Shafiroff

Lindsey Spielfogel

We both grew up in New York City and connected over our mutual passion for rescuing dogs, primarily pitbulls. We teamed up together and started rescuing and finding homes for pitbulls that were on the euthanasia list at the Animal Care & Control centers in New York. This was the beginning of our current journey rescuing animals who had been abandoned, neglected, or abused. We were aware that the United States has a massive problem with the over-population of dogs and cats especially in shelters around the country. However, at the time, we weren’t aware of many organizations that were working in countries with limited resources.

It wasn’t until we started traveling outside the United States that our lives were forever changed. We were shocked to see how the local street dogs were living in certain countries. We witnessed dogs, cats, and horses that were starving, covered in fleas, ticks, and maggots, and some were even poisoned. However, we also met many people who loved animals and wanted to help. We couldn’t turn a blind eye on these animals and people who love them; however, up to that point, we had only local rescue experience in New York. This began our journey into the world of international animal rescue, a big leap from what we were accustomed to.

So we decided to start our own animal welfare organization, Global Strays, that would aim to help animals worldwide by teaming up with animal rescuers who were in dire need of financial aid and resources. We began in Central America and our first trip was to Costa Rica where we saw many homeless animals and met with several animal rescuers. One rescuer we met with told us that we must go visit Nicaragua as the stray animal problem was even more critical. Once we arrived in Nicaragua, we met with local rescuers and were impressed with their dedication to helping abandoned and neglected dogs, cats, horses and other animals. These rescuers had very little to no outside support with their animal rescue initiatives. We chose three animal shelters to support in Nicaragua and we call them our partner organizations.

Global Strays has expanded to include three partner organizations in Colombia and one in The Dominican Republic. We travel to each country and meet with local rescuers to get a feel of what is most needed before deciding who we will work with. By supporting these animal rescuers, they receive the help they so desperately need. This includes assistance to maintain a good quality of life for the animals under their care at their shelters, for large-scale spay and neutering clinics to control the over-population of stray animals living on the streets, for programs that go into communities and provide free veterinarian care to the pets of lower income families, and much more.

In the future, as Global Strays grows, we hope to expand our team of partner organizations.