Our Global Mission

Global Strays supports and empowers animal rescuers worldwide especially those rescuers with limited resources. We raise awareness on the topic of compassion as we strongly believe compassion is a driving force to bring about positive change. We are convinced that if a person learns to be compassionate towards one being, then that person will learn to be compassionate towards all.

From donations that we receive, we support our partner organizations who rescue and raise awareness on the plights of dogs, cats, horses and other species that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We distribute grants to our partner organizations for large-scale spay and neutering programs to help control the over-population of stray animals, clinics providing free veterinarian care in rural communities for families with pets, educational initiatives that help teach children and families responsible pet ownership, vaccination programs for rescued animals, monthly food for animal shelters, construction and maintenance of these animal shelters, salaries for shelter caretakers, and more.