Our Mission

The aim of Global Strays is to come to the aid of suffering animals mainly, stray dogs around the world and protect them from neglect and abuse. To reach this mission we are currently working in Central America, specifically Nicaragua, Costa Rica and in the Dominican Republic. We meet with animal rescue organizations in these countries to witness the work they do first-hand. Based on the individual needs of the organization, we fundraise and distribute grants to these organizations. Some examples of how the grants are used are for food, medications, and spay and neutering initiatives. With our grants, we hope to empower these groups to continue their work in saving stray dogs and cats. We hope to expand to many other countries around the world with a focus on developing nations. We have also teamed up with Social Tees Rescue Animal Foundation in New York City to help them rescue dogs from high kill shelters across the United States.

Meet the Founders

Global Strays was started in 2015 by two socially active entrepreneurs. As they follow their passions and work to create a better world for dogs, as well as other animals, they ask for your support. Follow our work on social media, get involved with volunteer opportunities, or donate if you are able to do so. Global Strays will live up to its name by truly making a difference in countries across the world.

Elizabeth Shafiroff

Lindsey Spielfogel